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On-grid solution

The SolarEdge solar system guarantees optimal module level performance. Together with the SolarEdge StorEdge storage solution, home owners can maximize their self-consumption and increase their energy independence.

The SolarEdge system lets you follow your solar power production online, right down to module level. Via the SolarEdge Power Optimizer, the performance of the solar modules is optimized by constantly allowing each single module to provide its maximum deliverable power. Thus shading from trees, ventilation hoods or chimneys does not get the same severe negative effect on the system’s overall output, as it does in a traditional solar system, where the whole string is affected by shadows on a single module.

Together with SolarEdge’s StorEdge storage solution, SolarEdge enables home owners to maximize self-consumption and increase energy independence.

Off-grid solution

Unstable or no grid? Power up your life with an uninterrupted power supply. Harvest energy from grid, solar, wind, hydro, or generator, and store on crystal batteries. Enjoy a compact and fully automatic system, and make unreliable power supply a thing from the past.

The Power Up system features:

  • Uninterrupted power supply. If the grid fails, whether you are home or away, Power Up restores your power in less than 10 milliseconds.
  • Connecting and controlling power from grid, solar, wind, hydro, battery, or generator.
  • Maximum power point tracker for solar.
  • Storing energy in crystal batteries available for immediate use.
  • Up to 4 times longer battery life with crystal batteries than other lead batteries.
  • Compact system and easy to install.
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For more information about the product, functionalities in your country, and how to become a dealer, please contact: Niels Sveigaard, email:, phone: +45 97 12 90 90.

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Who are we?

Sveigaard was established in 1990 and entered the photovoltaic market in 2009. We are among the leading companies in Denmark when it comes to providing power production, power storage and energy-efficient heating / cooling solutions. We are among the companies, that have supplied and mounted the most solar power plants in Denmark, and Sveigaard is therefore a company with extensive expertise, that can offer the right advice to our customers.

Our portfolio includes solar systems for residential, schools, businesses, agriculture, and freestanding solar plants. We have supplied about 3,700 residential solar systems, as well as a great number of larger solar systems ranging from 16 kWp – 5,060 kWp.